Vegetable burger

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My honeybun had been sick and felt he was dying.  He was bed ridden for six months.  He weighed 528 pounds!  He was ALWAYS hungry.  What does it mean to be always hungry?  Try eating two family size Pizzas with everything! Plus two pans of Lasagna, and 3-4 desserts and a half gallon to a gallon of soft-drinks and leaving the pizza parlor still hungry – Always Hungry! Hunger that will not go away!


The “bad” news is that He have Celiac Disease.  You get it in your genes from one of your parents, who got it from one of their parents! Gluten triggers all kinds of nasty things in the body due to 13 genes – any of which can get you Celiac.  Gluten comes from barley, wheat and rye and is in about every packaged food product in the Philippines.


The good news is that to avoid gluten He needed to buy food without a package!  Yeap, fruits and veggies! He soon found out that gluten is injected into some meats to make it more tender and profitable.  In fact – all I found out led him to wonder why anyone would eat gluten – Celiac or not!

I discover that I can use Adzuki bean sprout,  best alternative for gluten flour.

I used Adzuki Bean Sprout for my bunch and all vegetable in my sandwich.

I also make Pizza Dough,pancake and tortilla wrap out of Adzuki bean sprout.

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