Below is a Legend of the Symbols and Codes we use on the website.

Our recipes are Vegarian, gluten free, dairy free, low fat, and plant sourced.  Most are also raw and uncooked, and free of Harvested Embryos.  Exceptions are noted with Circle Symbol Codes.

Likewise we have Circle Symbol Codes for different types of processes or ingredients that some people may wish to avoid or limit on their Journey to Better Health.

Circle Symbol Codes:


  • Not Fyuel
  • Not Vegarian
  • Not Vegetarian
  • Not Vegenesis
  • Not RAW118
  • Not Vegan
  • Not On This Website!

There are a few recipes that contain ingredients that a strict Vegan would not want to consume.  We are a Vegan friendly site, in that we are Vegarians.  Many who are Vegan contribute to the creation of this site.  However, we, like most Vegans, believe that a strict Vegan lifestyle is impossible for some people on the planet.  Gary L. Francione (The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights) has indicated these people have a moral excuse to use minimal animal products for survival.

Animal products include: ( NOT RECOMMENDED – EXCUSED by Special Circumstances )

Flesh [meat, fish, mammals, birds], Secretions [honey / milk]

Any non-human animal product used for human animal survival, must take utmost care that the non-human animal had the best life possible.

Factory Farmed Animal products should be avoided at all cost.  It is assumed that Factory Farmed Animal Products were raised with the worst health conditions possible, regardless of what anyone says.  This terrible life, with hormones of fear and stress, is then passed on to the human animal upon use and consumption.

Unless you can prove otherwise, For Your Ultimate Earthly Life

Assume All Animal Products Are Factory Farmed.

Note: Well defined special needs with EXCUSED Special Circumstances.  Animal Products should usually be avoided!  Animals products are never fyuel.  Non-Human milk should never be consumed.  The use of animal products should be restricted to the use of people who cannot survive without them.

Ⓑ Boiled

Water Cooking!

Note: Be sure to eat the “cook water”.  We maintain that raw, uncooked vegetables are better than cooked.

Ⓒ Crockpot

Water Cooking!

Note: One of the best water cooked methods, due to lower temperatures – eat the “cook water” also!  We maintain that raw, uncooked vegetables are better than cooked.

Ⓓ Dehydrated

Note: Dehydrated food is not recommended, always eat with other food with a high water content.

Ⓔ Embryos

Harvested Embryos include grain, beans, seeds, and nuts.

Glue / Flour – Harvested Embryos – NOT RECOMMENDED for good health – Special Foods Only!

Note: No Gluten and No Modern Grains (Corn, most Rice, etc.)

Ⓕ Fructose

Fructose in natural food greater than 50% of its sugars.  (Balance fructose with high glucose fyuel!)

Note: The Fructose label should be applied based on the dish, not the ingredients.  However, high fructose ingredients (mangos, apples, watermelon, etc) should be labelled separately.

Ⓖ Graked

Low Temperature “Grill-Baked!”  This is the highest temperature we ever apply to food and we do not recommend it!

This is Not Ideal.  This would be something like using a Pizza Warmer Grill, on its lowest setting, in the place of a food dehydrator.  Likewise a person may use a baking oven on the lowest setting, with the door cracked open, for the same purpose.

Hence the “Gr” in Grill, and the “aked” from Baked: Gr+aked = Graked!

Most food that can be graked can also be dehydrated with better results.  We do not recommend graked food, nor dehydrated food, on a regular basis.  Whole, ripe, fresh vegetables are much better.  However, some people are not ready to fully accept that, and may be looking for a once in a while, or special occasion meal, without the expense of a Dehydrator.  Dehydrated food is better than graked food.

Note: Graked food may be an economic replacement for Dehydrated for Special Occasions Only!  We maintain that raw, uncooked vegetables are better than cooked.

Ⓗ Harvested Plant Embryos

These are Grain, Beans, Seeds, and Nuts beyond the few needed for health.  We NEVER recommend any Gluten Grain or modern grains (like most rice or corn) for anyone.  Some people insist on eating grain, and we refer them to things like Millet and Black Rice.  However, no grain is needed by humans and people who do not eat grain are healthier.

Ⓡ Rich Fyuel

Rich Fyuel is mainly fruit, eaten whole, that has a higher fat content, like avocados or coconuts.  Our body needs a limited amount of these good quality fats for functions like hormones.  According to the New Life Health Program and the Vegarian Lifestyle, this amount of fat should be limited to 10% of the Athletic Caloric Needs.

Athletic Caloric Needs are usually defined as 190% of Basal Caloric Needs.

To put it another way, if you were in a coma, you would need enough calories to meet your Basal Caloric Needs.  If you were a marathon runner, or competing in the Tour de France Bicycle Race, or the Ironman Triathlon (or even the Hell of the West Triathlon), your body would need about 190% of the Basal Caloric Needs, to meet the Athletic Caloric Needs.

According to the New Liphe Health Program, most people live between the Basal Caloric Needs and the Athletic Caloric Needs (We aren’t an Ironman and we aren’t in a coma!).  However, the need for this good fat for our hormones does not change, so we all need 10%!!!

To calculate this.  Find your Basal Caloric Needs on the Internet.  Times that by 190% and then by 10%

Note: We Maintain that Proper Dietary Fat (from plants) is no more than 10% of Athletic Caloric Needs.

Ⓢ Steamed

Water Cooking!

Note: One of the better water cooked methods, due to short cooking times.  We maintain that raw, uncooked vegetables are better than cooked.

Ⓩ Zero Degrees (Frozen!)

Freezing Food does reduce nutritional content slightly.  However, we do not feel its tiny loss represents a problem for health.  Likewise some people feel there is a problem eating any food that is not at room temperature (putting either hot or cold food into their system).  In order to help these individuals, with these beliefs, to use our website, we have added the (Circle Z) to point the way to Frozen Foods.

The is for the Z in Zero Degrees Fahrenheit, the recommend temperature on many deep freeze models.  (We did not use F for Frozen as it was already being used as a warning for high Fructose for those who have problems [including my Honeybun], with Fructose.)