We call this starting fyuel as it is a good place to start!  A good intro is to read all the pages on the tabs above the header photos.  These tabs give you a good background on the basics of eating better.

Legend of Symbols

For example, when you hover on Starting Fyuel, you will see a drop-down menu that includes “Legend of Symbols.”  Legend of Symbols is the codes we use throughout this site.  For example, in keeping with the Vegarian Lifestyle and the New Liphe healing program, a few of our recipes contain animal products.  These are marked clearly with a (circle A).  There are other circle codes as well, to alert people to things like Fructose and Zero Degrees (Frozen!), for people avoiding these.


We do not recommend using animal products, however, we recognize that there are some people who have a moral excuse for using animal products, either for health or economical reasons.  Although we believe humans are better off not consuming any animal products, it is not always possible to maintain an optimum healthy life for every person on the planet with a strict Vegan approach.

For those feeling a moral justification to be Vegan, we strongly recommend a nonviolent approach to animal rights, espoused by Gary L. Francione in “The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights”

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We respect all people who respect us!  Fyuel.com is about a better, healthier, way to eat.  We have drawn on the ancient written wisdom near or over 2000 years old.  This wisdom is often recorded in what some consider religious works.  For example, the first eight chapters of the Hebrew scriptures, commonly called Genesis, found in both the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible, as well as being regarded as truth in Islamic writings, and generally accepted in the Buddhist and Hindu faiths.


In the late third and early fourth century, their was a major change in the general thinking of mankind.  Prior to about 250 AD The formation of ideas and concepts was through observation only.  In other words, if you dropped a rock, it fell to the ground and proved gravity.  Likewise, it you sat under a coconut tree in a storm, you may get a head injury or even be killed, also proving gravity.

From about 250 to 300 AD people started adopting the concept of theory as a way to establish fact.  Theory quickly became a way to prove fact.  For example, the theory of evolution cannot reasonably be proven from a completely random approach.  It is far more logical (and actually more accepted in the scientific community) that the human race, and life on this planet, was the result of a design and creation.  For this reason we try to use ancient wisdom of the observation period (prior to about 250 AD) that has no conflict with modern observed (not theoretical) medical science.

Design and Creation

DNA within our cells, our genetic code, is proof of that creation.  In science a code is something that can be encoded to represent something, and then decoded to reproduce something the same or similar.  Record players, CD’s, and babies all have codes.  Records have bumps within ridges that represent sound, CD’s have holes in circular tracks.  Babies likewise have similar features to their parents due to the genetic code in their DNA.  Science tells us that ALL Codes are Developed by Intelligent Design!  Therefore…

Science has established that life (including humans) was designed and has a creator.

The who of that creation, based on science alone, is unknown.  Different religions interpret the creator in different ways.  It could be Yahweh of the Jews, Allah of Islam, the Lord Jehovah of the English Christian Bible, or any number of other gods.  The creator could be space travellers from the planet Nibiru, or even dimension jumping extraterrestrials!  Whatever your belief or religion, you are welcome here to learn about how Fyuel can improve your health and life.

The Bible

Although the original texts in the Hebrew and Greek have proven themselves to be accurate, we do not consider ourselves to be either Hebrew (Jewish) nor Christian.  We accept the truth of the scriptures, and advise people to study them for their own benefit.  However, we do not consider ourselves to be a part of any religion.  The concept of Fyuel.com, eating for health by observing our human design, is equally applicable to all religions, as well as to the scientific community that can get past theory alone.  We find proof in observation of results.

Ancient  Documents

Any ancient written wisdom, of the same period (prior to 250 AD) dealing with health, is acceptable for scrutiny under the same set of factors, namely that they produce observable long term health benefits.


We are seekers of the TRUTH.  Fyuel.com seeks to present the truth about eating and health.  So no matter what your religion is, we welcome you to the Truth at Fyuel.com … Welcome to our Fyuel Family!  You have just become a Rawite!

Being a Rawite ~ Human Being Right!

Human being right!

Human being, right?

Either way, it’s RAWite!