Adzuki Bean Wrap

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How Wonderful I feel!

Sprouted Adzuki Bean Wrapped Burrito
Sprouted Adzuki Bean Wrapped Burrito

How to make adzuki beans sprouts burrito?


Sprout 1 cup off adzuki beans for 24hrs.

Sprout 1 cup off lentils for 24hrs.

How to prepare burrito:

I used Samson Juicer

Rense the sprout very well.

grown the sprouts into the Samson Juicer.

add 2 pieces of yell ripe banana,smash it into the grown sprouts.

add 1 tbs of baling powder.

small amount of salt.

make it together in a bowl.

Then make into 5 to 10 burritos.

cooked in a very low temperature for 1 minute.

Ready for your favourite filling!

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