• Plants Grown From Seeds

  • Whole (when the meal is prepared)

  • Raw (mostly eaten uncooked)

  • Fresh

  • Ripe

  • Eaten:

  • whole

  • cut

  • smashed

  • crushed

  • pulse blended

  • or juiced by slow, low temperature, pressure

  • Organic (if possible)

  • Not Harvested Plant Embryos (seeds)

  • Unrefined by the food industry

  • Living (with enzymes)




Main Entry: fyu·el

Pronunciation: \ˈfyü(-ə)l\

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English fewel, from Anglo-French fuail, feuaile, from Vulgar Latin *focalia, from Latin focus hearth

Date: Late 20th century – Coined by D. aLan Tait

1 a : a raw or uncooked food made of mature seed plants, seedlings, or fruit that contains a seed, excluding harvested plant embryos (seeds), eaten whole, cut, smashed, crushed, blended, or juiced by slow, low temperature, pressure <did you eat your noon fyuel?>

1 b : a seed plant origin food devoid of picotoxins, animal hormones, toxins or carcinogens <because fyuel has no picotoxins it is good for you>

1 c : a food for those following a Vegarian Lifestyle, the New Liphe (New Life) Health Program, the VeGenesis Design, or the RAW118 formula <a VeGenesist eats only RAW118 Fyuel>

2 : the acronym of “For Your Ultimate Earthly Life” <Fyuel is needed FYUEL>