This could have been titled the History of Fyuel, but really, fyuel was more of a vision. An insight, that moment when everything comes together and you understand. Fyuel is what your body burns!


No discussion of Fyuel would be complete without mentioning my Honeybun, as he coined the term. After being so near death that it could be measured in days away, or even hours, he basically fired his doctors, and committed himself to finding healing in the design of humans.

He quickly understood the limitations doctors had. Doctors spent a lot of time looking at diseases. They view them as unnatural, like bugs! Disease, according to most medical schools, is that which attacks and overcomes the body. Virtually all a doctor is trained to do is to fight against this largely unseen enemy of the body with an arsenal of various poisons. If that doesn’t work they may try cutting, burning (radiation) or even stronger poisons (Chemo!). Yet, even doctors will admit that these do not make a person healthy. When they are through with you, then… they will tell you… your body will heal itself!

Now back to my Honeybun, he is actually a genius. Now I do not mean this in the way most people use the term. What I mean is that in a room full of real, bona fide geniuses, they would all tell you he is a genius. When it comes to genius organizations, they have no problem recognizing him as one of their own.

So he set his mind to how people, human beings, are designed and discovered that doctors agree that humans are designed to be healthy – to heal themselves! In fact, heart disease has only been know for about 150 years, whereas people have been doing autopsies for over 500 years! In other words, heart disease that is a top killer today, did not exist 150 years ago… Why?

The reason was logical and simple, people before knew more about being healthy, and little about fighting disease. In fact, the first doctor, Hippocrates, said, “Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food. I doubt many people would be full and satisfied by just eating the medicine pills doctors prescribe. The key to health was logically in the wisdom of the past.


Looking to the past to find the secrets of health, logically brings one to the religious writings. However, the first chapters of Genesis are almost universally accepted, at least in the creation account. The first premise was that humans were created. We will not get into by whom as it is enough to say we have a design.

A Design

The jeep I owned before was designed to burn diesel fuel.  My neighbour’s jeep was designed to burn gasoline.  If you got the wrong fuel in either jeep, it would cough and be very sick, if not die.  It may even burst into flames or explode!  Why would people be different?

The key would be to find the design.  That thought led to Genesis 1:29-30

Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.  And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground–everything that has the breath of life in it–I give every green plant for food.” And it was so.

Now God is the creator, the one with the human design.  Likewise we are one of the creatures that move on the ground.  So basically, this says we are designed to eat plants that are mostly green and grow from seeds, Plus, we can also eat fruit that has seeds in it.  Green plants that grow from seeds, and fruit that has seeds in it.

Insight One

No where does it say we should gather up or harvest Plant Embryos!  Plant Embryos are that which grows a new plant.  Seeds, beans, nuts, and all grains.  Plant Embryos have natural chemical treatments that place them in a state of suspended animation.  Until it is time for them to wake up and sprout!  It turns out that the same chemicals that put the seeds to sleep, can also put us to sleep, permanently.  People are not designed to eat a lot of seeds, beans or nuts!  A few is fine, perhaps even beneficial.

It is simple, use your fingers.  If the amount of seeds, beans of nuts you are eating is more than you can count on your fingers, or more than a couple spoons full, it is likely not the fyuel we humans are designed to burn.

Insight Two

The book of Genesis was originally written in the Hebrew language.  In some translations to English it says “food” but in other translations it says “meat!”  So what did the Hebrew speaking people understand it to be, food or specifically meat?  Well, as it turns out, “meat” in older English just means food, of specifically, that which you consume.  Most people back them did not have regular meals of what we call meat, of the flesh of animals.

However, the Hebrew word actually means “that which is consumed.”  In  the same book of Genesis, it is used in regard to firewood for the fire, that which is consumed.  Older writings call it human fuel, of fyuel.

So that is the vision of Fyuel and where the word came from.  You can see more about the spelling at

Insight Three

However, in the discovery of meat meaning fyuel, it brought to light and revealed more about fyuel.  Fyuel, in the original design of humans, is not the dead flesh of animals.  Animal products, like meat from birds, mammals, fish or any animal is not mentioned in the design.  Actually, eating animals is first mentioned in the writings about the great flood and that there were not any herbs to eat after the flood, so people survived by eating the flesh of animals.  But that was not our design.

Nourishment that is derived from the body of another animal is not designed for human consumption.  That would include milk and eggs as well, as any nourishment must be pulled from the flesh and blood of the animal to produce these.

Insight Four

Another startling discovery was that cooking was not mentioned.  No one was told to make a fire and cook in any way, not in the original design.  It should not be surprising, if it has to be processed through some kind of high temperature cooking, it was likely unfit for humans in the first place.  Many seeds are actually deadly if not cooked first.  Likewise, the flesh of any animal begins to rot immediately upon his death.  Likely why few people eat meat without putting on some sweet sauce as if attempting to turn it into fruit!

If you think of what Adam and Eve would have had to cook with, it is limited to natural water, like steam or a hot spring.  So if you are going to cook, do it fast and only use water!  But it is better to eat whole, ripe, raw fyuel.

Insight Five

This is the most amazing of all, the Genesis account says we are design to eat plants and fruit that grew from seeds.  However, what we now know is that seed plants are a perfect source of fyuel for humans.  In fact, seed plants have a DNA much like our own, made with exactly the same things.  Like humans, this DNA splits down the middle, and half of it is united with another half, from its mother plant and it father plant, and that makes the new seed, and grows the new plant or tree.

Sound familiar?  It is the way both seed plants and humans reproduce.  In fact, we have a symbiont relationship with seed plants.  If all seed plants died, we humans would soon die also, because we need seed plants to survive!

Seed Plants Are Human Fyuel!