Me, With Fresh Fruit and Vegetables!F.Y.U.E.L. ~ ~ ~ For Your Ultimate Earthly Life!

Hi I am Precila Andes!

I am your chef, and your webmaster. I grew on a farm in the beautiful countryside of the Philippines largest island, Mindanao. My back yard was a mountain, the side yard bordered a creek that started at a spring. I could walk a few kilometers and swim in the ocean.

My papa raised us to eat simply. Not often we would have a little fish, either raw (uncooked) in what we call Kinilao, or “half-cooked” in a kind of soup. We mostly ate vegetables and some fruit that was grown right on my parent’s farm. Often these were not cooked or just steamed or cooked slightly in a soup.

I am thankful to my parents for not feeding us in a modern way. I am now well past 40 years old and still look 25! Plus I do not have many of the health problems my peers are having who ate a MAD way (Modern Asian Diet).  Some say this is now SAD as it has become the “Standard Asian Diet” (SAD) among the younger generation, and it is SAD because it is killing them!

Although the strictest definition of Fyuel, is not cooked at all, I will still present some recipes which I believe are healthy, water cooked in ways that have always been available to mankind.  These would be with water (like in a hot spring) or with steam (as is available in steam vents and geysers).  I am leaving out high temperature cooking (above water or steam) because any heat like that can char, which is proven to produce high levels of carcinogens, toxins, and picotoxins.  Likewise, whereas hot springs, steam vents and geysers are common daily or year round to the natural man, lighting strikes (fire) or flowing lava (like hot coals) are not regular or common at all.

Furthermore, I am aware of people who have no choice but to eat animal flesh or die.  I would consider either medical or economic reasons an “excuse” to do so.

I understand that it is best to “Do not get nutrition from the body of anything with a face.”  That means excluding milk, mammals (“meat”), humans, birds, animals, eggs, reptiles, or fish.  However, it is also best to not starve to death when you can eat a fish!

Of course I am not talking about milk of any species, provided to a baby of the same species.

In 1972 there was a crash in the Andes mountains (same name as me!), written about in a 1974 book called “Alive: The Story Of The Andes Survivors”.  These people survived for months in the snow, only by eating the flesh of the other dead people on the plane.  This was clearly an “excuse” for what we, and they, commonly accept as unacceptable.  I once heard a survivor said they had little choice.  “It was a price we had to pay for surviving. I found it very sad, very humiliating.”  Going further he said, “I am offended a little bit when people say ‘They only survived because they ate the dead people.'”  No one who survived that plane crash every ate human flesh again!

We should have, at least, a similar thinking to “excuse” people are forced to consume animal products for medical or economic reasons to survive.  A poor Filipino who can only survive by eating a fish, or a person with a near arctic circle bloodline who cannot convert plant ALA into EPA or DHA, should not be looked down on for eating a fish for survival.  Instead they should be encouraged to eat as much fyuel as possible, and given an “excuse” for the condition they are living in and cannot change.

Enjoy eating more Fyuel!


Definition of Fyuel

Main Entry: fyu·el

Pronunciation: \ˈfyü(-ə)l\

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English fewel, from Anglo-French fuail, feuaile, from Vulgar Latin *focalia, from Latin focus hearth

Date: Late 20th century – Coined by D. aLan Tait

1 a : a raw or uncooked food made of mature seed plants, seedlings, or fruit that contains a seed, excluding harvested plant embryos (seeds), eaten whole, cut, smashed, crushed, blended, or juiced by slow, low temperature, pressure <did you eat your noon fyuel?>

1 b : a seed plant origin food devoid of picotoxins, animal hormones, toxins or carcinogens <because fyuel has no picotoxins it is good for you>

1 c : a food for those following a Vegarian Lifestyle, the New Liphe (New Life) Health Program, the VeGenesis Design, or the RAW118 formula <a VeGenesist eats only RAW118 Fyuel>

2 : the bacronym “For Your Ultimate Earthly Life” <Fyuel is needed FYUEL>